New Student Web Editor

Seamus SandsHello,

I am an exchange student from Ireland. I have had previous experience with programming languagues and web design through my degree in computing Science that i am currently completing in Northern Ireland. I hope to bring my knowledge in web design to Web Communication and be an assest to the team. I also believe that my bubbly personality & Irish humour will fit right in, with the rest of the team here at Web Communication in Wooster.

Seamus Sands

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New Student Web Editor

Hi! My name is Andrew Retzler. I’m a senior Geology major and local resident of Wooster, Ohio. I’ve grown up learning various programming languages and web design from my two older brothers, and I’m always ready to learn more. I’ve just started my position as a Student Web Editor and I’m excited to learn more about the COW’s web technologies and services! I’m hoping my past experiences with web design will bring a lot to the table, while my personality adds to the fun of Web Communications!

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New Web Support Manager

Hi, my name is Elise Conley. I just moved here from the D.C. Metro area and immediately started working in the Web Communication Dept. at the end of August. I just recently graduated from DeVry U with a degree in Electronics Engineering. Although, I haven’t studied web design and support in depth, I feel I have a good grasp on the ways of the web.  I hope that my background and understanding of the web will help the Web department succeed in their many pending projects. Overall, I’m really excited to be back in my hometown working at The College of Wooster!!

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Getting Started on Flickr

Getting Started

Start out by going to

Flickr is a service offered by Yahoo and it uses the same account login, so if you have a Yahoo account already you can use that or you can sign up for a new one.

With any online service, a good idea is to read the Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines. The Flickr ToS is shown when signing up and the community guidelines can be found at


Upon completing registration, a prompt will appear with 3 steps listed.

  • Create your buddy icon
  • Choose your custom Flickr URL
  • Personalize your profile

Create your buddy icon

  • Select choose file to browse to an image you would like to use
  • Crop/Size picture as desired for icon

Choose your custom Flickr URL

The URL you choose will be permanent to your account, so choose wisely. Your personal URL will be – Ideally your alias would be easy to remember and descriptive of the person or group the account is for ie. WoosterClub, se-wooster, WoosterThetas, WoosterChemistry, etc.

Personalize your profile

All of the information here is optional, if you are not sure – leave it blank.

This would also be a good time to tweak your privacy settings. This page can be found at

You > Your Profile > Edit your profile privacy (On the right side)

Homepage and Navigation

A sample of a homepage is shown, on it is the navigation, some ads and a sample of your latest photos and contact photos.

The Navigation

  • Home: Will return to this page from other areas
  • You: Contains most of the options to view and work with your content
  • Organize & Create: Create sets of images, set location of sets and order prints
  • Contacts: Options for connections: accounts/People you watch, share with
  • Groups: Pools of photos for a group, ie. College of Wooster, our group
  • Explore: Tools to ‘explore’ the flickr Community


Photostream: A self-updating list/directory of pictures. Each user has their own photostream.

Contacts: Another flickr member that you have decided to ‘watch’ – adding someone as a contact will feed their photostream onto your homepage and more. Can mark a contact as a friend or family in addition to share more private photos.

More Resources

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Improving Our Search Feature

Recently, our search feature received a re-design. Users who made heavy use of the search probably noticed it right away, while those who search less often may not have noticed at all!

Search Example

As you can see, the new search looks, feels and works like a normal College of Wooster webpage. The page uses the same layout and incorporates style elements that are found throughout our site. This allows our search to maintain the sense that the user is still using our site, despite the fact that they are in a search. Even though this change was mostly cosmetic,  the functional side of our design carries over as well.

At this time I am also announcing a new feature that the campus can use to enhance our search results. KeyMatches allow us to display preferred/suggested search results when searched for.

KeyMatch Example

A search for ‘Web Communication’ returned the results shown above.

  • Office of College Relations is shown due to use of the word ‘Communication’
  • Department of Web Communication is shown due to use of the phrase ‘Web Communication’
  • Normal results will appear below the Suggested Results

KeyMatch/Suggested Results are formed in 3 ways

  1. Single Word Match – Easy to trigger
  2. Phrase Match – Triggered from a phrase found anywhere in the search query
  3. Exact Match – Search query must be an exact match to be triggered

If you would like to take advantage of this new feature, please contact me directly with the following information:

  • What word or phrase you want to trigger a suggested result
  • A title for the suggested result
  • The URL that the title should link to
  • Timelines for events and promotions
  • Other information as needed
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New student web editor

Hello! My name is Meredith and I am currently a sophomore political science major.  My specialization is international relations, and I will (hopefully) be in Africa next fall.  From this job I hope to gain skills in computer literacy and improve my skills in web design.

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New Student – Jason

My name is Jason and I am a sophomore at the College of Wooster. I am from New Canaan, CT orignially, but current residence outside of school is London, UK. I intend to declare a sociology major. I have recently began a job in the Web Communications Department and look forward to helping the school’s website work more affectively for its users.

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Stipo – A New Student Web Editor

I’m Stipo and I’m one of the three new student web editors, currently a guinea pig.

A little about myself:stipo_pose
I am from Holland, Michigan, which is on the left edge of your left hand (palm down).
My interests are few, but generally revolve around gaming and entertainment.
Lastly, my hope with this job is to increase my knowledge of computer software and increase my computer proficiency.

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Website Update to Campus: 2 months post-launch

Two months ago, the college launched its new website, capping more than a year of work on site architecture, navigation, design, content development, and training, culminating in an intense five-week period this summer during which the web team built out more than 1,200 pages of content in the new content management system before launch.

We knew the launch date would be only a milestone, not the finish line for this project. And we knew, from our colleagues at other colleges who have undertaken similar, once-in-a-decade reinventions of their sites, that the year following launch would be one of continued intense work, learning, and adjustment.

The web team has trained and is supporting 60 site editors across campus, each responsible for creating and updating content for a particular area. All updates made by the editors must be reviewed for technical or formatting problems by a member of the web team before they go live on the site. This is a simple matter of quality control and good site maintenance. The web team works through the inbox of pending updates twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon.

There’s an open lab for all site editors every Wednesday, 2-4 p.m., to which they can bring questions, problems, etc. These have been going on since early summer. Earlier this month, a second open lab was added, specifically for the academic department editors, every Friday, 1:30-3:30 p.m. The editors can (and do) also call the web team throughout the week with questions.

One concern the editors have raised is that, as their number has grown from less than 40 early on to 60 today, they sometimes experience delays logging into the content management system. We will be addressing that problem shortly by doubling our number of site licenses for the CMS.

Parts of the old site that were built on their own distinct templates and therefore did not need to migrate before launch – like career services, the writing center, and the libraries – remain as they were and now live on the server, where they are linked from the relevant pages of the new site. Those areas will be re-architected and migrated into the new templates as we go forward. The libraries, for instance, will transition next summer.

In the meantime, sites now on the www3 server, including homegrown academic department and student organization sites, and personal pages, can still be accessed and updated by the same people using the same methods as before the new site launched.

The sheer volume of demands placed on the web team in these first two months has exceeded our pre-launch expectations. So we are in the process of hiring additional students in our group — to give us a total of 60 hours per week — to handle routine tasks, like image processing, posting PDFs, text formatting issues, basic Q and A, and small project work, that will free up more of the web team’s time for higher priorities, including video and multimedia content development, social media strategies, and consulting with individual departments on how to optimize their content for the web. We’re also looking at other possibilities for further beefing up our user support and content development capabilities.

One question that’s been raised on the academic side of the house is how the college intends to handle digital scholarship – essentially, work that a faculty member creates and self-publishes on the web. Because we can’t guarantee that the Wooster website won’t undergo another major rebuild in five years, we can’t guarantee that a URL for a piece of faculty scholarship will remain immutable, any more than a publisher can guarantee a book will always remain in print. This is obviously an issue of great importance to faculty, so we will be getting together with Heather FitzGibbon from the provost’s office and Matt Gardzina from instructional technology to work out a solution that makes sense for all concerned.

A website is always a work in progress. Wooster’s new site provides a stable, robust platform and a set of new, more powerful tools with which to build and innovate on that platform. It is a huge step forward from where we were, but it is only a first step. As we continue the journey forward, and especially over the next 12 months, we will need your support, your ideas, and yes, your patience.

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Moving forward

Now that the site has been launched, and two months have passed, Melissa and I have been busy catching our breaths inbetween fielding editor’s phone calls, making changes to the site, and publishing content twice a day.

So where are we headed? Currently we are interviewing students for positions as part of our “Help Desk” crew, which will be a group trained in SiteCore to help with media gallery maintenance and question-answering. Our goal with this is to improve our turn-around time for Web-Updates questions and media gallery requests.

ScotBlogs is chugging along quite nicely, with it’s recent overhaul. Recently, I’ve expanded our ScotBlogs network to include some of our newest blogs, added a “When Do I Use ScotBlogs” article, updated our Terms of Use Agreement, and added a “Beginner’s Guide to ScotBlogs” to help new users get their feet wet in WordPress. My next steps are to create comprehensive guides to our available plugins, and a few super special customizable templates!

The launch of the new was just the first step. We have lots of ground to cover in the next few months, so make sure to check this blog or our site for updates!

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