Editor Tip: Receive Email Reminders to Update Content

Setting the date for a reminderThe reminder tool in Sitecore may not be flashy, but it will help ensure that your content is up to date. As you know, having outdated web content is worse than not having the content at all. Using reminders can automate a lot of the tracking and organization behind maintaining great web content.

The reminder tool is located under the Review tab in the Sitecore ribbon and can also be added to “My Toolbar.” Reminders can be cleared or edited at any time.

How does it work?

The reminder tool sends a message to an email address at a certain date/time. The tool works on a per-item basis (each page can send its own reminder) and requires the following:

  • Reminder Text
  • Date and Time (If no time is selected, Sitecore will default to 12:00AM)
  • Recipients (Email address, multiple can be entered)

What can I use this for?

Some of these are redundant, but it simply illustrates that this simple tool has many practical uses.

  • Remind yourself to update a page after a certain date
  • Send reminders to us to remove a page on a certain date
  • Ask somebody to send you updated content for a page that you edit for them
  • Ask faculty members to send you updated bio information for their bio on a set date
  • Confirm with a program/event organizer that their page is scheduled to be removed after the event and remind yourself/us to do so.

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2 Responses to Editor Tip: Receive Email Reminders to Update Content

  1. Jen says:

    Do you know offhand how to set the “from” setting? I have what must be a default of name@sever.net, set. Thanks.

  2. Dwight Nagy says:

    Sorry if you have figured this out by now, but I believe it is specified in the settings section of the web.config file. Look for something like:
    add key="EmailReminder.FromAddress" value="name@server.net"

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