Current Students 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Current Students page! We knew it was high time to give this page a face lift, so we started with what the students were saying. Based on a survey of student responses it was obvious the students wanted a more visually enticing page, an easier way to find what they needed and a better layout.

The old Current Students page was complied of a list of links in a box, as well as, more links on the right-hand side of the page. Some students liked the ease of access to all the links they needed, but other students were getting lost in the layout of the links. Looking at this feedback from the students, we realized that the students liked the idea of a list of links, but not all the clutter. From this point we worked closely with our own student web editors to come up with the most commonly used links for students.

After we decided on which links would be “featured” we started to think about adding the visual enticement the students were craving. We got to thinking about how we could add pizazz without overpowering the links and then it came to me, app icons. They are popular, visually enhancing, and most students see them everyday on their smartphone. The “Appbox” as we call it, displays the quick links and icons in a fast, easy and creative way fulfilling the webpage desires of the students.

We also had to address the list of links on the right-hand side of the page. The first thing that stood out was the disorganization of the links. From there we knew we had to make the navigation easier, so we grouped the links into three categories: Student Resources, Campus Resources, and Social Media. In each category we created a hierarchy of links based on what our student web editors and survey responses indicated are the most widely used links.

Throughout this whole project it was always about the students and what they needed for their Current Students page. We just hope the new page will help them easily find what they need! Please feel free to contact me about more great ideas, thoughts, or questions!

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