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Facebook Fixture

The Facebook fixture uses fields from a contacts database to render your link.

Facebook is popular among college campuses and Wooster is no exception. Many of our departments and offices maintain their own Facebook page or group in addition to The College of Wooster official Facebook page. Today we launched a new feature that will allow these departments and offices an easy way to link to facebook from their website.

The Facebook fixture is an extension of the contacts module that renders on the left hand side of every page. While the Facebook fixture will not appear on every page like the contact module, it will automatically appear on pages where it is intended to be displayed. The Facebook specific information will only need to be entered once in order to add the fixture to all of your pages. If you currently maintain a Facebook group or page, let us know and we can assist in getting it linked on your website.

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Assistant Director of Web Communication at The College of Wooster and ScotBlogs Administrator
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