Getting Started on Flickr

Getting Started

Start out by going to

Flickr is a service offered by Yahoo and it uses the same account login, so if you have a Yahoo account already you can use that or you can sign up for a new one.

With any online service, a good idea is to read the Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines. The Flickr ToS is shown when signing up and the community guidelines can be found at


Upon completing registration, a prompt will appear with 3 steps listed.

  • Create your buddy icon
  • Choose your custom Flickr URL
  • Personalize your profile

Create your buddy icon

  • Select choose file to browse to an image you would like to use
  • Crop/Size picture as desired for icon

Choose your custom Flickr URL

The URL you choose will be permanent to your account, so choose wisely. Your personal URL will be – Ideally your alias would be easy to remember and descriptive of the person or group the account is for ie. WoosterClub, se-wooster, WoosterThetas, WoosterChemistry, etc.

Personalize your profile

All of the information here is optional, if you are not sure – leave it blank.

This would also be a good time to tweak your privacy settings. This page can be found at

You > Your Profile > Edit your profile privacy (On the right side)

Homepage and Navigation

A sample of a homepage is shown, on it is the navigation, some ads and a sample of your latest photos and contact photos.

The Navigation

  • Home: Will return to this page from other areas
  • You: Contains most of the options to view and work with your content
  • Organize & Create: Create sets of images, set location of sets and order prints
  • Contacts: Options for connections: accounts/People you watch, share with
  • Groups: Pools of photos for a group, ie. College of Wooster, our group
  • Explore: Tools to ‘explore’ the flickr Community


Photostream: A self-updating list/directory of pictures. Each user has their own photostream.

Contacts: Another flickr member that you have decided to ‘watch’ – adding someone as a contact will feed their photostream onto your homepage and more. Can mark a contact as a friend or family in addition to share more private photos.

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