Improving Our Search Feature

Recently, our search feature received a re-design. Users who made heavy use of the search probably noticed it right away, while those who search less often may not have noticed at all!

Search Example

As you can see, the new search looks, feels and works like a normal College of Wooster webpage. The page uses the same layout and incorporates style elements that are found throughout our site. This allows our search to maintain the sense that the user is still using our site, despite the fact that they are in a search. Even though this change was mostly cosmetic,  the functional side of our design carries over as well.

At this time I am also announcing a new feature that the campus can use to enhance our search results. KeyMatches allow us to display preferred/suggested search results when searched for.

KeyMatch Example

A search for ‘Web Communication’ returned the results shown above.

  • Office of College Relations is shown due to use of the word ‘Communication’
  • Department of Web Communication is shown due to use of the phrase ‘Web Communication’
  • Normal results will appear below the Suggested Results

KeyMatch/Suggested Results are formed in 3 ways

  1. Single Word Match – Easy to trigger
  2. Phrase Match – Triggered from a phrase found anywhere in the search query
  3. Exact Match – Search query must be an exact match to be triggered

If you would like to take advantage of this new feature, please contact me directly with the following information:

  • What word or phrase you want to trigger a suggested result
  • A title for the suggested result
  • The URL that the title should link to
  • Timelines for events and promotions
  • Other information as needed

About Dwight Nagy

Assistant Director of Web Communication at The College of Wooster and ScotBlogs Administrator
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