Moving forward

Now that the site has been launched, and two months have passed, Melissa and I have been busy catching our breaths inbetween fielding editor’s phone calls, making changes to the site, and publishing content twice a day.

So where are we headed? Currently we are interviewing students for positions as part of our “Help Desk” crew, which will be a group trained in SiteCore to help with media gallery maintenance and question-answering. Our goal with this is to improve our turn-around time for Web-Updates questions and media gallery requests.

ScotBlogs is chugging along quite nicely, with it’s recent overhaul. Recently, I’ve expanded our ScotBlogs network to include some of our newest blogs, added a “When Do I Use ScotBlogs” article, updated our Terms of Use Agreement, and added a “Beginner’s Guide to ScotBlogs” to help new users get their feet wet in WordPress. My next steps are to create comprehensive guides to our available plugins, and a few super special customizable templates!

The launch of the new was just the first step. We have lots of ground to cover in the next few months, so make sure to check this blog or our site for updates!

About Persa Zula

Former Assistant Director of Web Communication at The College of Wooster.
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