New Student Web Editor – Ragav!

Hey there, it’s Ragav here! I’m a sophomore at The College of Wooster but it’s my first year at Wooster because I am a transfer student from Huntsville, Alabama. I’m originally from India…born and brought up there. I love writing, programming, photography, traveling and table tennis among other things. Web designing is one of those other things. I got interested in serious programming when I was asked to create a computer program using C++ in High School. I broke my back writing a 1000 line program that allowed users to create password-protected personal accounts and write in a time-stamped personal journal. It was an extremely rewarding experience and I thoroughly enjoyed being the creator of something that was entirely my own. I spent a year in Alabama working for a scientist at the National Space Science and Technology Center doing experiments on Ozone in order to calibrate a global Ozone model using experiments. My job was to find patterns in the data using a program called IDL. I learned it on my own and absolutely enjoyed the science part of it.

To tell you a bit about my interest in the Web, I would have to tell you about my web ventures. In an ambitious attempt to revolutionize the Indian Education system I started a weekly online Journal in 2010 called ‘Stop Manufacturing Us!’, which happened to my first web venture and introduced me to the existing web technologies. It was a cool journal, till it lasted. It’s not so active anymore. Then I went ahead and created another website using vBulletin called ‘India Talks Here‘ , which I visioned to be a forum for people with interest in India. At the moment these sites are not as popular as I would want them to be, but they’re steps towards getting there. I recently started my own personal website where I put up some of my photography. I have some very interesting plans for websites that could gain global publicity through its unique functionality that I eventually want to execute. Let me know if you are interested in web development and want to partner up!

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